About us


A shoemakers never ending desire to balance form with function, the love for the perfect shape of a shoe, and the constant search for contemporary know-how lead to the curious, process-driven journey, with a mission to develop the ultimate tool for protecting and maintaining the original shape of your favourite sneakers for the longest time.

Footwear means movement, constant wandering, exploration and effortless functional comfort. Your favourite sneakers is your most faithful companion - remember to always take good care of them and keep them in shape.

SHAPE REGIME shoe tree is the next generation tool for supporting the shape of your sneaker, when you are not wearing them. We transformed an old-school shoe tree into something new - an adaptive and highly flexible shape tool, made of lightweight Polypropylen or bio plastic and with an optional replaceable plug-in for a molecular fragrance stick.

Our shoe tree is anatomically shaped to mimic the contours of the shoe, fitting perfectly into the footwear without causing any damage in the heel, as the unique design only needs to fill out the front of the sneaker.

Being made of plastic, the SHAPE REGIME is safe to leave inside, if your sneakers are wet. Maybe they needed a wash or you stepped in a puddle - it is essential to put filling inside your sneakers to straighten out creases, especially in wet condition.

If the struggle of bad smelling sneakers is real in your gymbag, we equipped SHAPE REGIME with a plug-in for a fragrance stick. Our fragrance is carefully developed with a molecular technology (odor control) that will help neutralize the undesired smell of “used sneakers”.

Speaking of gymbag - the shoe tree is ultra lightweight; Less than 100 grams/size L - and will not add significantly weight to your luggage. And your sneakers will not be crushed from the pressure of the rest of your gear.

The way we constructed our tool is cutting edge and something we are serious about and accordingly SHAPE REGIME has a PATENT PENDING.